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“DEAD RECKONING has you enchanted within the first few pages of the mysterious world of Canaan’s Crossing. You can smell the marshes of the beautiful Low Country and feel its gentle breeze across your face as you dive deeper into the intoxicating characters of this book. Sheriff Gage Blackwood is a strong leading man to the mystical “Miss Charlene” who helps unravel the tangled web of lies. Sit back, relax, and allow the ebb & flow of the tides carry you away to another dimension we call home, others the South.”


-Althea Gordon-

Savannah, Ga/Florida

"Beautifully written by a well seasoned soul. There’s something so genuine and real about this author’s content. DEAD RECKONING is immersive and has such a warm essence with nostalgic flavor. A definite must read."


-Jen Figueroa-

Richmond Hill, Ga

"This book is intriguing from the beginning until the end. A must read, keeps the mind flowing . Enjoyed it so much.

Recommend it highly."


Margaret T. Adams

Maggie Valley, NC

“DEAD RECKONING by Steffan Richmond Oxenrider is a thorough and thought-provoking page-turner. This book takes you on a journey with every word.  The author uses such detail that brings his writing to life and makes you feel like you’re living the story. Don’t pass this book by; it’s well worth your time and truly one that will captivate a diverse audience of readers.”  


-Nicole Jones-

Richmond Hill, Ga

"DEAD RECKONING is a brilliant debut novel. Oxenrider’s prose is as engrossing as his well-developed characters; rich, vibrant, and satisfying. This fast-paced series opener will leave you at once content and desperate for the next book in the series. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!"


Justin B. Long, author of The Adventures of the Horse Doctor’s Husband 

“I love a well written mystery Novel and this author Steffan Oxenrider did not disappoint! The characters were well defined and it draws you in making you feel like you're part of the story. Miss Charlene was my favorite! The storyline was great and keeps you in suspense. Definitely a great read!” 


-Liz Bailey-

Atlanta, Ga

"A great mystery novel! It begins in the early chapters, introducing the reader to the story line and all characters. Then the following chapters keep the page turning suspense throughout till the unpredictable ending! A great novel."


Ray Sherbert

Spartanburg, SC

"Steffan uses words to paint his canvas. He draws on the feelings and images of a place that is both familiar and strange as a Sheriff pursues justice. This theme of fiction has a ring of reality."


Marilyn Goodrich
Smyrna, GA

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