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Public Service Announcement: Regarding Writing & other Funky yet Delicious Neuroses & Addictions

Working on a craft book in progress, should take me a few years until ripe and ready for public consumption. Anyhow, it's been fun so far working on it. Below is a little taste.

Introduction to a Journey - Sample

"Before we both fade away into the sable, velveteen night, it seems there are some things we can discuss regarding our mutual problem. Well, more aptly termed our obsession I suppose. Seeing as you’re reading this, I assume (scary word that one eh?) you suffer from the same malady that plagues me, which succinctly put is the relentless pursuit of words grouped together gloriously.

This affliction is most common amongst those with minds that flutter and skitter about, sometimes willy nilly, that ultimately end up in a uniquely wonderful location when at once graciously touched by divine providence. Somehow, sense is made from this insanity, and, when stumbled upon magnificently, art is born.

As I’ve said in the past, fiction, to me, is finding the truth in that fuzzy gray area that lies between the real and unreal. This pilgrimage is undeniably honorable and indeed maddening, but when lucky, when lightning effervescently strikes our prose, it is something very special to experience and behold. These journeys of the mind, body, and spirit are the stuff of legend when managed properly, when the reader is touched deeply and profoundly.

Ultimately, never forget this dear reader, Fiction is Real! When done with flair, panache, skill, and the consummate dexterity deserving of the art, we realize that we cannot take our eyes from the words, we MUST remain in this state, taking in our own vivid mindscapes that translate the words into pictures in our heads. We can no more escape the spectacle than trying to contain a pack of car crash rubberneckers!

No one among us can say with certainty what is real and what is not, when you look at it as a point of final analysis that is. Why you ask? Because in the end, perception is up to each and every individual, sometimes with purpose, other times not."

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