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Savannah ties & a pedigree...

I know I've said before that I get my penchant for writing, the Arts, storytelling and entertainment honestly. Well, the below is a an example of that featuring a playbill from the 1967-68 season of the Savannah Little Theater. My Dad Orvan Lee Oxenrider played the title role as Defense Attorney Stevens while my Mom Joyce Godard (maiden name misspelled unfortunately on the playbill) was his secretary in the production. This was a year or so before my birth. Future release Stranger in the Square readers will be interested to know that where protagonist (or antihero pick your preference) Slade Savage resides at 105 West Gordon Street just up from Forsyth Park is where they lived when I was born.

Being around their friends and that environment as a small child (I suppose) is what prompted me one evening to come down the stairs in my pajamas (three years old or so they told me?) and ask my Uncle Ed (not my real Uncle, just a good friends of theirs) "Do you know Shakespeare?" HA...

I'm grateful for the exposure to all of that and, of course, hundreds of novels as well as some choice non-fiction in their home library.

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