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Fear of Big Tiny Flagellum

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Poetry. Okay, granted prose suits me better...just for fun.

Fear of Big Tiny Flagellum©

I wondered what it would be like to scream and

scream out your name although I think it would

make me hoarse or is that horse? and might serve

no radical purpose as my insidious plan supposed…

I believe you always loved me or my image or my

hair or my face or my eyes or my cranium or

perhaps it was the way I smiled faintly when the

drunken denizens of the music hall bar played and played at

eye intercourse surrounded by stale beer and a lack

of confidence except for the jocks, oh the jocks, I

guess theirs was a prized existence and you know

somehow I felt sorry for them, but why I don’t know,

and you, so out of place against the wall like a

chalk outline at a crime scene but quite the

serendipitous jewel for yours truly yes what a night

of discovery that was and now after so many times of

planting a fear of big tiny flagellum into your brain

oftentimes you still convulse with the memories, the

nightmares, the uncertainty of the id that I so aptly

wielded, unbeknownst to myself even, such a wild

time for us, a new time, a time for exploration but

tempered by harsh realities of genetics and immaturity

I can see you again, the only beauty out of the entire

scene…after that I had worse moments, not unlike

touching a hot burner on a stove with a blindfold on

after spinning around and around after being bombarded

with loud loud and disjointed music/sound/noise make it

stop! Stop! I can see you now, I am so sorry, very sorry,

I can stop the me me, believe me…I see that is difficult

for you to believe. don’t be afraid it is all in the past now,

yes I know you somehow doubt that but please don’t

fear, that was a long time ago now you know…you

can trust me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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