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My Philosophy on Writing

I have distinct thoughts on the nearly supernatural aura and aspects of suspending disbelief and being lost in a world created by an author. This is the writer's task.

"As fiction writers we experience, observe, reflect, and transmogrify. For the consistently tortured writer’s soul that is our destiny. These thoughts can be haunting and must be relayed to others, regardless of how received. Said curse, not unlike the lunar transformation of man to werewolf, only receives silver bullet justice upon release. The catharsis both literal and figurative occurs solely and uniquely when we let our imaginations freely roam and the ensuing results pour from our minds, inner sensibilities, and fingers. We describe, we communicate, we paint pictures, we extoll reflection, and as the triumphant end game we absolutely must induce passion and capture our constantly moving and cunning albatross, the extended or even fleeting, priceless, powerful emotional response. This prize, this creation, this event, when forged properly and cleverly is like a sorcerer casting a spell that removes us from reality and allows us to journey like the shaman who faithfully and diligently pursues his legendary, eternal quest.”

–-Steffan Oxenrider 12/30/14--

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