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our time

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

One more...different tone...just for fun!

our time©

these are our times of golden, billowy bliss,

for the passage of time does not dictate the

beauty of us, this is transcendent and we are

being, we are meant for this time, this place,

you and me…the exterior changes, slides away,

melts away like ice cream on a sunny summer

afternoon, to be replaced by us, by a façade that

will change yet again, shed as a snake skin,

continuously our dreams remain and are made real

by whatever we want them to be…ah, that is the

wanderlust of us, ours is intertwined, ivy on a trellis

snaking up the side of the house…garter snakes

rolling around together are we, bathing in the natural

vibrant grass…soft, subtle rains fall, freshly scented

they caress us and place a moist shell of life around us,

nothing can harm us, for this is indeed our moment

of glory and triumph, this does not change from one

moment to the next, experiences mount, we share and

share and mingle and sliiiiiiiddddde along our path as

two that are one as it should be. remembering the

joyous feelings that are our breaths, deep and inviting,

welcoming seconds, minutes, hours as the place we

call home but only as a restraint they are to us, for

this is just a surreal atmosphere with rules and

regulations, which we want no part of…ours is deeper,

amplified beyond convention – i know you feel it as

do i……your destiny lies beyond the clouds, the stars,

the globe, inner space – it lies with me, my precious one,

so whenever you feel morose, or a striking lament has

taken thee over, just languidly enjoy repose and know

that my thoughts, actions, body, sustenance will fill you

generously, sensually, softly…to calm you…and know

that the willowy remnants of peace stroke you, over all

parts of your body, to assure you that your time will pass

sweetly, and we will roam these and other parts near and

far in consort – feathery lovers floating softly, lightly

stroking our existence, leaving traces of us as we go…

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